Voice Acting Demo Reel

Monkey Guard Dunce (From Space Quest 2)

Little Old Woman with lofty demands (Story Time radio show)

Aloof Scottsgirl Fantasy Airballoon Commercial

Comedic Female Chickens (From King's Quest 3)

Medusa (From King's Quest 3)

Comical/ Sci-fi Narrator (Space Quest 2 Trailer)

Roger Wilco (Space Janitor) Commercial for Phoenix Online Radio Show

"Udo" Middle Eastern/ Feminine Tradesman from Quest for Infamy

High Pitched Female (comedic "call in" for Radio Show)

The Oracle (From King's Quest 3)

Gruff male European voice "Ye Olde Bakery" commercial

Scottman Gnome Commercial

Pleasant Male voice 40's-60's (Shopkeeper from King's Quest 3)

Queen Valanice (From King's Quest 3)

Black Cat (From King's Quest 3)

Annoying older housewife caller

Female Sassy Botonian Caller (From Phoenix Online Radioshow)

Marvin the Andriod (Robotic Voice from Space Quest 2)

Big Gruff Comic Creature Effects for "Hunter" (From Space Quest 2)

Comedic Space Station Boss (Comedy Sci-fi) (From Space Quest 2)

Elven Archer

Round Face Male 40's

Fantasy/ Comedy/ Sci-fi Ensamble characters

Pinkunz "Little Pink Dudes" from Space Quest 2

Older comedic "Villianace" voice "Adventurer's School" Commercial

Comedic Radio Announcer

Laura wife of murderous husband (From Comedic Radio Show)

Etherial Merman Voice

Transportation Office, 40's New Yorker voice (From Space Quest 2)

Isaac Lundgren 2018