Movie Music

“Ghost Story: Main Theme”:

"The Siege" Dramatic Action Movie Composition:

"The End of War" Orchestral Composition:Solo Violin, Trumpets, Strings.

"Running Wild" Orchestral Composition: Up tempo, Brass and Strings.

"Lost in the Forest" (From "Time Travel Granny"): Stage-Style/ Cinematic Musical Number, featuring 4 soloists, and a "ghoul chorus".

"Into the Garden": Melo Orchestral Movie Music

"Feel the Wind"Orchestral Composition: Strong Brass, Cello Section Featured.

"Travails" Dramatic String Composition: Strings, Piano.

"Hearts and Fire: James Horner Tribute": Full Orchestra

"And it Ends" Cinematic Composition: Full Orchestra.

"Silverwood" Soundscape Composition: Orchestra.

"I Found Your File": Dramatic Thriller.

"A Soldier Returns": Soft Orchestra.

"Bat Crawler": Thematic Orchestra for Dramatic Animated Short

"Parting at Sundown": Romantic Period Film

"Trance": Hypnotic Strings, Flute & Vocals

Isaac Lundgren 2018