Space Quest 2 Soundtrack

(Simulated 1990's "MIDI" style Adventure Game music)

Space Exploration (Deleted Track)

Bathroom Break

Roger's Sweeping Theme (First Draft, unused)

Ride to Labion

Labion Crash

Labion Forest

Into the Mines!

Berry Monster

Berry Picking

Into The Swamp!

Underwater Swamp Theme

Tree Climbing

Wanna Swing?

Triumph Music

Waterfall Caves

Flushed Away!

Flushed Away, with a Side of Demise

Labion Terror Beast!

The Hunter's Lair

The Great Escape (Deleted Track)

Pinkuns Theme

Death Music

Ancient Pool

Around the Corner (Deleted Track)

Cave Entrance

Cave Fall

Monkey Trouble

Monkey Business (Deleted Track)

Soft-Toe Snooper (Deleted Track)

Enter Asteriod (Deleted Track)

Exploration March (Deleted Track)

Space Quest 2: Main Theme (First Draft, unused track)

Letterdroid Jazzband

Vohaul's Alternate Theme

Mission March (Deleted Track)

Space Quest Fanfare with Slump (Deleted Track)

Bunus Track: Space Quest Pinkunz "Nub Nub"

Bonus Track Space Quest Cantina

Bonus Track: Space Quest For Glory (Fight Theme)

Bonus Track: Space Quest For Glory (Intro)

Isaac Lundgren 2018